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Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Hic Hic Hurray!

The pub life..

“A weekend you will share stories about.”

Weather and Seasons

Brighton has a typical English weather. It rains often. The summers are nice and warm and usually 25-30 degree Celsius. There is no air conditioning so it can get a little stuffy. The winters are chilly at 0-4 degrees and sometimes dipping further below with the cold wind coming in from the sea. It snowed heavily this winter which is not usual. Brighton can get very very windy. I almost got blown off my path while trying to get lunch.

Travel and Stay

It is a resort town and there are numerous sea facing hotels. Also popular are AirBNB houses which are cheaper and with full amenities.

My travel story

To the south of England is a joyful beach city. I believe every city should be modelled around this city. The place I called home for the summer of 2016- Brighton.

Like any other city, Brighton has its fair share of issues- homelessness, rainy weather, bitter cold wind from the sea in winter, heat waves in summer. But what makes this city the most amazing place to be in in England is its 400 pubs. Every lane, every street has a pub. There are musicians playing on the street as you walk through the numerous lanes that connect the corners of the city. The beach is always a 10 minute walk away. You can sit with a beer, listen to somebody playing the guitar in the distance, look at the waves and soak in the sun. It truly is a magical place.

Brighton beach

Brighton is a city that accepts everyone however they are and the brighter you are as a personality the more you belong there. On any regular day you will find the most outrageously dressed person walking towards the station at 8 am in the morning to get a bagel. On a lazy weekday afternoon, you will find yourself sipping a pint at the pub opposite your workplace and staring at a 70 year old man with a rainbow dyed beard. On a Friday evening you would wander around the city and come across people with every variety of hair colour, dressing preference, shape, size and ethnicity mingling together at the bar getting their weekend on. On the weekend, the place just gets crazy. People from all over England take a train to Brighton for a fun weekend and the city drinks like no tomorrow.

Pubs in Brighton

Brighton is also a very pretty place. The most famous tourist spots being the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton pier, the clocktower and the i360.

The Royal Pavilion is a palace built during the early 19th century, and is notable for its Indo-Saracenic architecture and Oriental interior. Brighton Pier features a small amusement park, restaurants and arcade halls.The West Pier was closed and abandoned after 2 fires. The Brighton i360 observation tower is around 450 feet tall and is Britain's highest observation tower outside London – taller even than the London Eye.

Brighton clocktower, built for Queen Victoria's jubilee, stands at the intersection of Brighton's busiest thoroughfares.

The Royal Pavilion

Brighton also offers a few day trip options with direct bus service. Just a couple hours from Brighton are the beautiful white cliffs of Seven Sisters. They are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. You can get a bus from the bus stop E at the Churchill square bus terminus. The journey is very picturesque so make sure to go to the upper deck of the bus and take a seat right in the front. The seven sisters are a short hike with the option of walking to all the seven peaks or just climbing one and sitting down for a picnic.

The Seven Sisters cliff

Another day trip from Brighton is to Arundel castle. This is also a few hours from Brighton with direct buses from Churchill Square. The medieval castle has a beautiful garden to spend the day walking around. Admissions to the castle or the gardens require purchasing a ticket at the entrance to the castle.

Arundel Castle

On the 5th of November each year, UK celebrates the Guy Fawkes night. There are massive fireworks and bonfires in and around Brighton. One of the best ones are in a town called Lewes. Tickets can be purchased online and a bus service is provided as pick and drop to the venue. There are parades, fire shows, bonfire and a massive display of fireworks. Its a must see event.

In the mid of October, Brighton celebrate its own version of Oktoberfest. Tickets can be purchased online and it is a guaranteed fun night of music and beer and a lot of dancing.

Fireworks at Lewes

There are tons of restaurants of all cuisines in Brighton and walking around the street you can experiment with a variety of places. One of the most popular streets for restaurants are the North Lanes. There is live music at numerous places.

Live music at Crowns in Churchill Square

Brighton streets have a lot of slopes and hence it would take time to get used to the fitness it would require to walk around. However after a couple of days, the walking becomes a part of the experience of living in Brighton. It is the most convenient form of transport here. So if you live there, or come down for a weekend, be sure to embrace its lively and colourful community, let loose and have a great time pub hopping across town and watch the sun rise over the beautiful english channel as you eat a bagel- and for a minute take a deep breath and just relax.


  • Wear comfortable shoes as it is all about the walking.

  • Cabs are available almost everywhere at all times.

  • Hydrate all day as you will be drinking a lot at night.

  • Carry an umbrella as it rains at odd times.

Brighton beach

i360 by British Airways

Churchill Square

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