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Maldives- the sun, the sand and the sea

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

The chronicles of the Maldivian lobster.

The island life..

“A must visit if you are in love- with yourself or any other.”

Weather and Seasons

Maldives is the best winter destination. December to March is the peak tourist season with the temperature a comfortable 30 degrees Celsius. This is the dry season and the prices are steep. It is best to avoid the monsoons from May to October as there would be limited activities to do.

Travel and Stay

Male is the capital city and has the international airport in Maldives. The airport is on an island. A 30 day visa on arrival is granted to all nationalities. Transport is mostly arranged by hotels and resorts for their guest, they charge a separate fee. There are speedboats which would cost about $100 per person and water planes which cost about $250 per person. Prices vary based on the destination island. There are island resorts where each island would have only one resort. Bookings in advance is recommended as the resorts are in high demand in dry season.

Activities and Events

All activities and events are organised by the resort located on the island. Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Paddle boating and hikes are popular activities on all islands. The resorts arrange for evening entertainment for guests every night. Rock band, ethnic dance, disco night are some of the common events.

Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination and couple spas are a popular relaxing activity.

My travel story

A drunken night and a long distance relationship led to a very hasty decision of booking tickets to Maldives. When the hangover kicked in next morning it brought over the anxiety of how to plan a trip in 2 weeks and make reservations.

Thankfully honeymooning friends came to our rescue and helped us with travel tips. A quick search through hotel booking website (www.booking.com) helped us compare and book the best resort in our budget. The hotel provided half board along with the room and arranged transportation from the airport.

In the middle of January, we arrived in Maldives for a 4 day rendezvous. What surprised us is we are both hydrophobic and yet drunk selected an island for our time alone.

We stayed at Thulagiri island resort and the service was fantastic. We did not take a water villa (as we are hydrophobic) and instead opted for a beach villa. We loved our room.

I had planned for us to work on our fear of water in the trip and hence decided to start with the swimming pool. Soon we realised we will not be pro swimmers in an hour and retreated to a grand lunch followed by enquiry at the scuba centre.

Scuba seemed like a good plan since we were good at not being able to float over water. The instructor assured us we do not need to be good swimmers. We payed $150 per person for scuba.

All geared up we hit the water and at 10 feet realised we are hydrophobic and this is an ocean and we will die. My boyfriend abandoned the plan and went to the beach as I attempted a few more times to swim. I managed to spot a couple fishes when my mask leaked in water and I abandoned my pursuit of nemo and joined the bae on the beach. Disappointed with the attempt, but we will keep working on getting over our fears. (future blog alert). Tip from a non pro- practice swimming, as laying flat on your belly at the bed of an ocean is not fun. Make sure your mask fits your face size and do not smile, water in the mask and then down your throat is also not pleasant.

The rest of our time in Maldives we admired the picturesque beauty of the indian ocean, the mesmerising colour of the water around the island, the white sandy beach and clear blue sky. The seafood was delicious and the maldivian lobster was advertised all around our resort as a delicacy. We spared the lobster and indulged in LIITs as we held hands and watched the stars twinkle above. For he is my lobster (#friendsreference).


  • Water is expensive in Maldives. Around $7 per 1.5Litres of water. Purchase water before your flight and carry along with you.

  • Carry a lot of sunscreen.

  • Check with your hotel on half board or full board packages while booking. Food is expensive and its best to have a packaged option with the hotel.

  • Check with your hotel for airport transfer arrangements.

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