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What to eat in Georgia


Khinkali- Beef and Pork dumplings

Khinkali is a meat dumpling made in Georgia. The dumpling is made from minced meat, usually beef or pork or lamb. The juices of the meat are trapped inside the dough when the dumplings are cooked. The best way to eat them is to make a small incision at the top and sucking out the delicious juice. Then it gets easier to cut through the huge dumplings and eat them. The top where the dough is hard is called Kudi. This is supposed to be discarded and not consumed. If you visit any Georgian place, this is a must try!

Tip: Visit Pasanauri in Tbilisi for these awesome dumplings.


Khachapuri- Georgian cheese bread

Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian cheese filled bread with an egg in the middle. It is a delicious starter and tastes like a sauceless cheese pizza. The bread is fluffy with a variety of cheese and sometimes with butter and a runny egg on top making this out of the world delicious item a perfect sharing dish.


Churchkhela candy

This is a local candy in Georgia made from flour, grape must and nuts ranging from almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Sometimes they also include chocolates and raisins. This sausage shaped candy is made my dipping a sting of nuts or chocolates in thick grape juice and then drying in a cylindrical shape. The best Churchkhela is made in Kakheti region, which is also renowned for its wine.

Local Beers

Georgia has a variety of local beers which are quite cheap but delicious. Some of the beers I would recommend are Argo, Zadazeni and an Icy beer. Beers are around 4-6 Gel in restaurants and can be as cheap as 2 Gels in local stores.

Georgian Wine

Georgia is famous for its wine. It is one of the oldest regions in the world for wine production. There is evidence of winemaking dating back some 8,000 years. It’s been done the same way for centuries using clay pots called qvevri that are buried underground and passed on from generation to generation. Kakheti is the most famous region for wine and a must visit in the summer for a tour of the vineyards.

Saperavi is the most popular dry red wine. Saperavi means "for colour" and is one of the most famous red wine variety.

Rkhatsiteli is the most popular white wine variety, while Kisi is a rare amber wine and the grapes are notable for producing finer wines.

Kakheti is a natural dry amber wine and is quite famous in Georgia.


Chacha is a local grape vodka created from pomace- the leftover clear liquor after winemaking. It has about 40-65% alcohol and traditionally home-brewed. It can be found in every restaurant in Georgia now and is consumed in a clear cool glass like a shot, similar to drinking vodka in Russia. It is rawer than vodka and has a higher burn and often had after meals as it is also known for its digestive properties. It is not recommenced to have it on an empty stomach.

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